Scaffolding Competent Person


Are your scaffold systems constructed under the supervision of a “Competent Person” as required by OSHA?  Have your employees completed their “Competent Person” training? We can certify your employees in a class taught at your job site. The proper training creates a safe environment for your company and staff.

This course is designed for construction workers, foremen, job superintendents, and anyone involved in the construction industry who oversees scaffold systems.  OSHA requires that all scaffold systems be erected, inspected, and dismantled under the supervision of a “Competent Person.”

Why Obtain a Scaffold Competent Person certification?     OSHA mandates training for workers who dismantle or erect scaffolding. Our training is in accordance with 29 CFR 1926 Subpart L, 1926.450 – 1926.454.  In addition, employees who obtain certification increase workplace safety awareness and compliance, and reduce a company’s risk of fines and penalties resulting from OSHA violations. The benefits of this training are immediate as participants learn how to properly construct scaffold systems, and prevent accidents and injuries.   OSHA requires retraining when new types of scaffolds are introduced, changes occur that the workers are not familiar with or if employee’s actions indicate retraining is needed. We recommend “Competent Person” refresher training every three years.

Training Certification includes: The certification training includes an interactive power point presentation delivered by an experienced construction safety trainer at your job site.  Each attendee who successfully completes the course will receive a full-size “Competent Person” certificate and wallet card.

What topics are covered in the course? Topics cover safe procedures and work practices associated with erecting, dismantling, and usage of scaffolding.  A graduate of this class is qualified to supervise the assembly and dismantling of scaffolding.  This course incorporates only classroom training and does not include hands-on practice unless special arrangements are made.

“Competent Person” Training includes:

  • Types of Access Scaffolds
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Foundation Requirements
  • Platforms and Platform Materials
  • Scaffold Erection & Dismantling Procedures
  • Scaffold Inspections
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Fall Protection

Classes can be designed to accommodate your company’s industry and business needs.

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