Confined Space – Entry Rescue


This program includes all of the information included in the Awareness and Confined Space Entry / Non-Entry Rescue program with additional didactic information regarding tactical priorities of confined space rescue, respiratory protective system options and requirements, and additional case histories of previous entry rescues. Additional manipulative training includes improvised harnesses, techniques for moving victims both vertically and horizontally, improvised high point anchors, retrieval lines, optional mechanical advantage systems, ventilation procedures, communications options, additional atmospheric monitoring strategies, and use of entry permits, respiratory protection options and procedures for entry as well as rescue operations. This program provides all the information needed to comply with the minimum training requirements of an attendant, authorized entrant, entry supervisor and rescuer.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following topics:

  • Personnel requirements and duties
  • Assessment of spaces for controlling hazards
  • Atmospheric monitoring and lock-out/tag-out procedures
  • Training on manufactured high point anchors
  • Ventilation procedures, atmospheric monitor and procedures for non-entry rescue
  • Techniques of moving victims both vertically and horizontally
  • Knowledge of improvised high anchor points, retrieval lines and mechanical advantage systems
  • Use of entry permits, respiratory protection options and entry/rescue operation and procedures
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