Authorized Person


As defined by OSHA and ANSI, an Authorized Person is simply a worker on a at a location where he/she will be working in heights. TomKat Safety’s 4 Hr Authorized Person course prepares them to work in heights safety.

Whether you work in heights one time a year or daily, TomKat Safety’s Authorized Person Course will teach the worker the best practice of working safely in heights. This course features a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on exercises. This course is designed for ANYONE who works in heights.

NOTE: Please be sure students bring their fall protection equipment with them to the training.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following topics:

  • Safety culture of fall protection
  • Using the correct fall protection equipment
  • Inspection of fall protection equipment
  • Donning your fall protection
    • Anchor, Body Harness, Connecting Device
    • Compatible connections
  • Importance of Rescue from Heights
  • Fall Prevention vs Fall Restraint vs Fall Arrest
  • How to properly use, inspect, maintain, store and care for equipment
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