Tomkat Safety provides a number of specialized training courses designed to properly educate anyone on the importance of fall protection and jobsite safety.

Classroom Training

Tomkat Safety provides your workforce with the training needed to keep them safe on the job.

Anchor Testing & Certification

Being able to identify faulty equipment can mean the difference between life and death.

On-Site Consulting/Audits

Tomkat Safety provides on-site consultation and auditing so that your workforce can be at ease in knowing efficient, effective and reliable safety measures have been implemented.

On-Site Training

No time for classroom training? We can come to you.

Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Installation

We also install Permanent Horizontal Lifeline and Guardrail Systems.

Track Your Training

Supertrack RFID asset tracking and inspection system. The future of safety is available today with Supertrack. Don’t struggle with safety inspections and compliance. Let Supertrack ensure that your equipment and...
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